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Multi-Omics Data Science (MODS) – Integrated Data Analysis to Predict, Prevent, and Treat Metabolic Diseases

Multi-Omics Data Science (MODS) is a research initiative funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia as part of the Profilbildung 2020 program. The initiative aims to research metabolic disorders and the resulting diabetological, hepatological, cardiovascular and neurological clinical manifestations. To this end, we are developing new methods from the fields of data science, bioinformatics and AI and applying them to multimodal data analysis of various types of omics data.

Job Openings

14 postdoc positions were announced last year. The casting of all positions has not concluded, we still accept new applications, there are still 5 positions open. Please click on "Subprojects" to see which projects are still open for hiring.

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